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 History : A long cherished desire and dream of the former Shepherd of Krishnagar was fulfilled in 1986 when His Lordship Rt. Rev. Lucas Sirkar, SDB, DD. founded the Congregation of Adoration Sisters of the Immaculate Hear of Mary to fulfill the grave and genuine need for the spiritual awakening in the diocese of Krishnagar. This religious institute was founded with six candidates only but its great living in four communities in Berhampure and Krishnagar, the members strive to bring about a apiritual awakening through intense prayer life.
Address           Aradhona Mandir
                        Nabadwip Road
                        Krishnagar - 741 101
                        Dt. Nadia, West Bengal.

 History : The works of the noble people are not for themselves but for the welfare of others. This had been true in the life of venerable Mother Mariam teresa, the founder of the Congregation of the Holy Family Sisters. She had neither done a doctorate nor gone to prestigious colleges for acquiring knowledge. Yet she grew in wisdom and became noble by doning God's work. It was her great devotion to God and love for His people that led her to found the Congregation of the Holy Family on 14th May 1914 at Trichur district in Kerala. She was assisted and directed by her spiritual director Fr. Joseph Vithyathil. The main aim of the congregation is to christianise families which was the apostolate of the foundress. Mother Mariam Theresa was born on 26th April 1876 and died on 8th June 1926.

 The daughter of the venerable Mariam Theresa engage in various apostolate such as visiting the families, healing the sick, education, collaborating in the pastoral ministry of the parish and witnessing through missionary activities. The Congregation of Holy Family spread mainly in the diocese of Trichur until it was introduced in the northern parts of India in 1964. In 1978 it was raised to pontifical status and province structure of administration was introduced. It has now spread to 11 archdioceses and 22 dioceses in India and Africa. Today the Congregation consists of 17 provinces with 1800 professed members, 230 novices and numerous candidates. In Krishnagar Diocese, they are rendering their services in three places having different apostolate. .                    

 The Congregation of Holy family Sisters started work in Talkhola as separate community on 7th January 1995. Later on the convent was built and was blessed by Bishop Lucas Sirkar sdb on 14th  May, 1996. These Sisters engage themselves in the family apostolate and other social activities. In the year 1997 on 17th July they opened an English Medium School at Farrakka proper and started a separate community there. Theystarted yet another community in July 1999 to render their valuable service to the paralyzed children in collaboration with Don Bosco Ashalayam at Kalyani. 

 Address           Holy Family Convent
                        P.O. Beniagram 742 212
                        Dt. Murshidabad, West Bengal. 


 History :  When Msgr. Taveggia was transfered to Dinajpur, the Krishnagar Diocese became a Salesian Diocese by the announcement of the Holy See. In 1928 three Salesian fahers, Fr. Piesuir, Fr. Pisano and Msgr. Emmanuel Bars, first set foot in Krishnagar. Msgr. Emmanuel Bars sdb. was elected the  Apostolic Administrator of the diocese.  He was born at Torroella de Montgri, in Spain, on 20th October 1889. He stayed at Krishnagar for a period of 6 years (1928-1934). He died at Shillong on 4th April 1974. Then on wards the Salasians are working in the diocese till date.

Address           Don Bosco Youth Centre
                        Krishnagar - 741 101
                        Dt. Nadia, West Bengal 


 History :  The Congregation of Teresian Carmelites (C.T.C.), whose principal house is located in Edappaly in the Archdiocese of Verapolyy, was founded in Koonammavu by Mother Elisua (Elizabeth Vareed Vakail) and canonically erected by His Lordship Bishop Bernardine Baccinell, O.C.D., Vicar Apostolic of the then Vicariate Apostolic of Verepoly, on 13th February 1866.

 On 28th June 1971, the said Institute was elevated to the status of an Institute of Pontifical right. The Specific aim of the Congregation is total dedication to the service of the Church by the exercise of the apostolate of prayer and sacrifice, of missionary activities, Christian education and the performance of various other works of charity.

The Sisters of the Congregation of Teresian Carmelites were invited by the Diocese of Krishnagar. They belong to the first indigenous Congregation founded on 13th Feb. 1886 at Koonammavu, Kerala. The sisters started their missionary work in Bhagalpur Diocese, Bihar in 1959. Bishop Lucas Sirkar in the presence of their then Mother General Mariana, the Provincial Superior Gracia and Sisters from Avila Province opened the Convent on 13th Feb, 1991. 

 Address          Carmel Bhavan          
                        Monigram - 742 237
                        Dt. Murshidabad, West Bengal. 



History : This congregation has only one house in the diocese of Krishnagar. The house was opened on 24th September 1980.
Address :         Daughters Of Mary Help Of Christians
                        P.O. Anandanagar - 741 245
                        Dt. Nadia, West Bengal.


History: M.C. Sisters began their missionary work in the diocese of Krishnagar in the year 1999.
Address:          Missionaries of Charity
                        34 N. H. Road
                        Krishnagar - 741 101
                        Dt. Nadia, West Bengal.


History :  "House of Prayer" is a place where the brothers individually received guidance to grow in their relationship with god in Prayer. It is place for group retreats for the MCs. It is the core community of the whole of Missionaries of charity Brothers, offering their silence, solitude and prayer for the whole society as Intercessory role.

Address :         Missionaries of Charity (Bros.)
                        P.O. Saguna - 741 245
                        Via. Madanpur
                        Dt. Nadia, West Bengal.


 History : the Disciples of Don Bosco also known as Don Bosco Secular Institute was started in 1973 by Rev. fr. Joe D'Souza sdb. It had its origine within the diocese of Krishnagar and has grown and spread to several dioceses (Kolkata, Jalpiguri, Raigarh, Ambikapu, Indore, Ranchi, Daltonganj Dumka, Dibrugarh & others).

 Their mission is that of the 72 disciples, and the spirit is that of Don Bosco. Members live a simple dedicated life staying 2 by 2 in villages or alone at home. They are involved in their respective jobs as well as carry out their apostolate according to their own capacity for the good of the people and for the service of the Church in co-operation with the Parish Priest. The institute now numbers over 350 members. Its centre in Krishnagar Diocese is the  Oratory centre at Nirmalnagar, as its Mother House erected in September 1980 by the late Bishop Motilal Baroi sdb dd.

 Address           Nirmalnagar Oratory Centre
                        Krishnagar 741 101
                        Dt. Nadia, West Bengal.


History :  An emphatic 'Yes" to God's call by St. Cludine Thevennet of July 31, 1818 marked the beginning of Jesus and Mary. She wanted to manifest God's goodness to everyone and thus lead them to the knowledge and ever-greater love of Jesus and Mary. She was born in a family of silk merchant in Lyon. Though she was fondly loved by the family members she was not spared from sufferings. She experienced the horrors of the French Revolution in 1789 and saw the brutal execution of many people. For Claudine these events turned to be a blessing in disguise. She opened her heart to the miseries of the poor and orphaned children where she lived. Years later, other women joined her in good works and they finally formed themselves, into a religious family calling themselves, the sisters of Jesus and Mary.

The new apostolic work flourished and developed under the able guidance of Claudine, whose untiring    efforts assured the happiness and future of the children, Sisters of Jesus and Mary through their work with young people contributed to the task of making the world better and beautiful. After death of Claudine, another sister took up the work of leading this little group. 1842 was a red-letter year for the congregation. They were invited to come Agra - India to start a school for the orphaned children of the armed force. They followed Claudine 's vision and ideal as educators of the young and the poor. The solemn blessing of the new English Medium school at Ranagaht by Rt. Rev. Lucas Sirkar, sdb,dd, on July 31, 1996 was another landmark for the Congregation of Jesus and Mary in India. Today there are 15 province in the world having communities in 25 countries with the total strength of 1557. It is very amazing to notice that there are three provinces in India Delhi, Poona, Gujarat whose 308 members are working in 42 houses in different states.    .            

 The congregation of Jesus and Mary founded in 1818 by St. Claudine Thevenet with the aim of making Jesus and Mary loved through Christian education, opened its first house in Krishnagar diocese at Ranaghat on 31st July 1996 to impart education to local children through an Eng. Medium school.


History : Fr. Limana, the Milan Father who came first to Krishnagar, asked his superior Mgr. Marinoni, to send some sisters. The Sisters of Charity accepted to come to the Central Bengal Mission. Sr. Lucia Viero, Antonia Ferrari, Sr, Benedetta Danielli and Sr. Agostina Baruffini arrived in Krishnagar on 7th March 1860. The Beginning of their life in Krishnagar was treaming with sacrifices. A number of  Sisters were struck down by death in the prime of their youth, yet fresh batches kept arriving from Italy. Senior Holy Family Convent was their first foundation in Krishnagar Diocese. Now they are spread throughout the diocese doing the missionary work.

Address           Sisters of Charity
                        Senior Holy Family Convent
                        Krishnagar - 741 101
                        Dt. Nadia, West Bengal.



Address           Daughters of St. Anne
                        Shantinir, Shahpur
                        P.O. Barala - 742 122
                        Via. Azimganj
                        Dt. Murshidabad, West Bengal.


 The Congregation of the "Catechist Sisters of Mary Immaculate Help of Christians", commonly known as Sisters of Mary Immaculate (SMI) was founded on 12th December 1948 by Bishop Louis LaRavoire Morrow, SDB, fourth Bishop of Krishnagar, West Bengal, India.  Its purpose is Evangelization and Catechesis through home visitation and village apostolate with the motto, "To love God and help others to love God."
Bishop Morrow, upon his arrival in Krishnagar in 1939, realized the great need of educated women religious to evangelize and catechize the entire diocese by going out to the people, visiting their homes and helping them to know and love the true God.  He said, "We are not going to just wait for the people to come to us, but we shall go to the people, into the villages, towns and into their homes."  This vision was realized when he founded the institute of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate.  The Sisters fulfil his mandate through their main apostolate of home visitation in towns and villages, as well as pastoral, medical, educational, cultural and other activities proper to their institute.

The spiritual charism of the congregation is the Abba experience of Jesus - to see God as the most loving and tender Father and to do everything only to please him - according to the Little Way of Spiritual Childhood of St. Therese of the Child Jesus.  The "Apostolate of Smiling" is also a unique virtue the founder lived and imparted to the Sisters as a means of winning souls for Christ.

The Bishop was born at Weatherford, Texas, U.S.A. on 24 December 1892.  He emerged as a catechist from his formative years as a Salesian priest of Don Bosco in Mexico, and became a prolific writer in the Philippines where he was secretary to Archbishop William Piani, Apostolic Delegate for long seventeen years.  He published a series of Catechetical books for every age group, and continued to update and promote them wherever he was sent because of his ardent love for the Church and zeal for the salvation of souls.  These books are still in great demand and kept alive by his spiritual children, the Sisters of Mary Immaculate, to whom he bequeathed his catechetical charism before his "Going Home" to heaven on 31 August 1987.

 The Congregation was raised to Pontifical Right in 1966 and went into provinces and delegations in 1990.  In 1998 its second novitiate house was opened in Tanzania, East Africa.  At present there are 571 professed sisters, 32 novices, about 100 pre-novices, 68 communities, five provinces and one delegation. The Sisters happily share their charism in the 38 dioceses of the five countries they serve: India, Germany, Italy, Tanzania and USA. 


Superior General
Sisters of Mary Immaculate
Motherhouse and Generalate
Krishnagar P.O., Nadia Dt.
West Bengal  741 101

Telefax: 03472-252459
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