Diocesan Pastoral Centre


History: SANJIVANI IS THE Socio-Pastoral Centre of the Diocese of Krishnagar. Rev. Mgr. Luciano Colussi sdb started the building work  this centre in 1994 with the help of  agencies, like MISSIO, IGSS, Fr. Alessi's friends and other local contribution. In 1995 the Centre was blessed by Bishop Lucas Sirkar sdb dd, then Bishop of Krishnagar in the presence of civil authorities. Fr. John Biswas is the director of the department of Communication which is a vital part of this institution. The Centre offers various training courses, seminars, retreats, conventions with residential facilities for up to 70 and more persons. The centre has an Audio-Visual Department. It produces audio and Video Cassettes as well as it offers training on Audio-Visual. The  centre provides a vehicle as mobile unit to carry out the same training in villages and moffussil areas since it is not easy for poor people especially women and children to come to the to the centre. Sanjivani imparts animation on spiritual, moral, educational and cultural matters. 
       The Sanjivani Training Centre, which is situated on Nabadwip Road, Krishnagar, Nadia, is an institution of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Krishnagar. It enjoys its own particular identity in matters of property and administration, direction and programming, internal affaires and openness to externs.The Roman Catholic Bishop of Krishnagar appoints its Director, who will always be a priest, and other members of the staff, such as the administrator and others. The Diocesan Adoration Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, after appointment by Bishop or their Superior, also members of the Centre. In agreement with the director and the Administrator they take care of the maintance and smooth running of the institution. The director the head of the institution, and as such all administrative and training-oriented matters will be planned by or agreed upon with him. But he conducts the administrative matters through the Administrator and co-ordinates the training programmed through animators, who have to be conducted and chosen by him for the different courses, unless coordinator and animators are already suggested by the groups of participants.

Since Sanjivani offers place and facilities for social Communication. The Diocesan Director for social Communication will be also belong to the staff of Sanjivani. The Director of Social Communication will plan and organize his activities and courses on his own competence in agreement with the Director of the Centre for the matters that need coordination and common planning.
        The Sanjivani Training Centre will run on its own resources and through the assistance of sponsoring agencies and of the Diocese of Krishnagar. The contribution of the participants to the courses will be a necessary contribution for the existence of the Centre.
       The principal aim of the Sanjivani training Centre is  to offer training course, seminars, Retreats, Convenion days and the like facilities to every kind of participants, who are interested in such courses and ready to keep the rules, regulations and conditions laid down by the Centers' authorities.
  Training courses will be offered especially on these topics : - Moral, social, Religious, Educational, Cultural, Agricultural, Technical and Economical matters. Programmes on Family and Civil life :- Health, Relationship, Social Communication, Artistic (such as : music, dance, drama, painting etc.) subject will be entertained in this Centre. Sports Meetings and gatherings will be allowed only if they are mainly for training purposes.
         In no way whatsoever will the centre allow political meetings or politics oriented programmes.  Similarly the Centre will not be opened to people, who would use it for its convenience of food and lodging as an Hotel or Restaurant.
       The Centre will principally run its own Courses, for which it will send out notifications to interested people at least three or six months in Advance. For such Courses the Centre will be fully responsible in matters of food, lodging and animation. For such courses the cost will be shown in advance and registration fees will be collected in advance.
       Groups or individuals who like to book the Centre in advance for their courses will have to contact the management at least three months in advance. They will give the number of participants, their requirements look for the animators of the course. They will have to pay half of the cost of the course in advance. The Courses will be held if the Centre is free of their requested time.  Any programme may be going on for not less than one day and not more than fifteen days. Longer Courses will have to be booked on special terms in consultation with the management. A Chapel or the place for prayer and meditation is a special a important feature of  Sanjivani Training Centre, offered free to all participants.

       The Centre provides the following facilities : Sleeping accommodation with bed, individual table and chair, Toilets, a common lecture Hall, a Library with tables and chairs for personal study, Audio-Visual Media (Radio, TV, Video, Cinema qand Slide projections, and other media), a common Refectory with attached Kitchen, indoor and out door places for relaxsetion and Recreation. Participants to the Courses are requested to bring along with them their own personal belongings, the toilet kit., bed sheets and towel, mosquito net and pillow will be served at the Centre.
Director: Fr. Prosanto Biswas
Sanjivani Address:
Navadwip Road
P.O.  Krishnagar - 741101
Dist. Nadia, West Bengal
Mobile: 0091-9775272440
E-mail :